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Tefcold UF GCP Range From....

Tefcold UF GCP Range From....

Versatile glass door chest freezers. The UF-G and UF-GCP ranges are widely accepted as the best on the market. Popular with many ice cream manufacturers as is has a small footprint and is ideal for capturing impulse sales. Often used for large and small ice cream tubs as well as other frozen food. Door can be left or right hand hinged, a lock in fitted and the unit comes with a switchable light and adjustable shelves as standard. An excellent all round unit. It should be noted that the UF100GCP has a top mounted refrigeration unit (behind where the light canopy is) which means on the inside of the freezer there is no internal step, so a bigger and more versatile storage area to fit more stock.
  • Details

    Static cooling
    Adjustable shelves
    Adjustable feet
    Interior light with switch
    Self closing door
    Light canopy with switch
    Replaceable door gasket

    657mm 570mm 530mm

    890mm 610mm 555mm
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