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Tefcold TFW80S

Tefcold TFW80S

The slim compact design of the TFW80S lets you store up to 18 wine bottles perfectly chilled in such a small area. Temperature can be adjusted to suit either white or red wines allowing you to keep them at a perfect ready to serve temperature. The sleek stainless steel door frame and handle coupled with the black carcass will look great in all modern bars and restaurants. Slide out wooden shelves allow easy selection of wine and LED lights helps to keep energy bills down
  • Details

    Fully automatic
    Fan assisted cooling
    Adjustable shelves
    Adjustable feet
    LED interior light with switch
    Digital controller and temperature display
    Replaceable door gasket
    Displays up to 18 wine bottles
    Stainless steel door frame
    Suitable for red or white wine
    Different designs/shapes of 75cl bottle may affect how many bottles can be stocked in the unit

    Height: 658mm
    Width: 227mm
    Depth: 492mm
    Capacity: 80ltr
    Capacity: 2.8cu ft
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