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Promek VL Range From....

Promek VL Range From....

Promek are an Italian based manufacturer of juice dispensers making some of the best units on the market. The VL range offers single, double or triple tank dispensers to suit all requirements. Switchable paddle stirrers help keep the product at an even temperature and the large bowl size holds up to 11.5 litres of drink. The unit is designed so it can be cleaned easily and the tap is quick and simple to remove and disassemble for cleaning as well as the drip trays. We can also source 60Hz versions of this unit (on request) for placement on ships or offshore developments where regular mains current is not available.
  • Details

    Fully automatic
    Adjustable feet
    Paddle system agitation
    Suitable for juice containing fruit pulp (not suitable for milk)
    Stainless steel tap for easy cleaning
    Not suitable for slush or ice cream smoothies
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