hinge or slide paros 2  display from....

hinge or slide paros 2 display from....

Igloo PAROS2 Multideck Display. This high profile multideck display from Igloo is suitable for dairy products, deli, meat, sandwiches and chilled drinks.

4 adjustable sloping shelves with lighting.
Night blind.
ABS sides with glass.
Ventilated cooling - digital display.
Digital temperature display.
Polyurethane insulation.
White LED lighting top panel.
Suitable for use in ambient temperatures up to 25C and 65% RH.
Temperature range: 3C to 10C.
Auto defrost.
  • Details

    Model Number Width (mm) Power (w) Energy Consumption (kWh/h)
    PAROS2100 1020 713 7.8
    PAROS2130 1330 801 8.8
    PAROS2160 1630 982 10.8
    PAROS2190 1940 1206 13.3
    PAROS2250 2560 1392 15.3