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Fagor AD45 Range & Stands From....

Fagor AD45 Range & Stands From....

The quality AD45 range of dishwashers from Fagor. Solid construction with twin rotating stainless steel wash arms for powerful efficient cleaning. Heating elements in tank and boiler to make sure dishes and plates are cleaned at the optimum temperature with thermo stop system to guarantee washing and rinsing temperatures. Rinse and detergent pumps allow for automatic accurate dosing over multiple wash cycles. When you've finished the rounded internal corners make for easy cleaning and wiping out. The AD45BDD and AD45BBT come with a drain pump fitted as standard if you cannot use gravity to drain away the waste. The units can achieve up to 540 plates per hour. Ideal for pubs and restaurants. Please note we recommend the fitting of a water softener. Failure of unit due to lime scale build up will invalidate the warranty.
  • Details

    Double rotating wash and rinse arms in stainless steel
    Rounded tank for easy cleaning and draining
    Heating elements in tank and boiler
    Break tank (BBT only)
    Thermostatic temperature control washing 60°C and rinsing 90°C
    Thermo stop system that guarantees minimum rinsing temperature of 85°C
    Drain pump secondary filter system (BDD and BBT only)
    Rinse and detergent pump
    60, 90 and 180 Second wash cycle
    Self diagnostic system
    Supplied with 1 base basket, 1 plate basket and 4 cutlery containers
    Boiler power 2.8Kw
    Can wash approx 540 plates per hour
    Maximum item height 320mm
    Tank capacity 25 litres
    Consumption 2.7 litres per cycle
    A water softener is recommended, failure of a unit due to limescale build up will not be covered under warranty

    820mm 600mm 645mm
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