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Easy Cool & Easy Freeze Controllers From....

Easy Cool & Easy Freeze Controllers From....

Temperature static refrigeration -50/+90, 230v 50/60hz, c/w 1 ntc probe 1 relay, 12(5)a, screw terminals (12a) pre-programmed, does not come with clips

Refrigeration Controllers

Controllers for refrigerators or freezer applications. Conveniently supplied pre-programmed to suit most static refrigeration units (EASY COOL), forced air coolers & chillers and freezer rooms and cabinets (EASY FREEZE).


The ideal solution for static plug-in refrigeration units at normal temperature (above 0 °C)


Controller factory programmed and ready to be used
NTC room probe included
Limited number of parameters
Just 31mm thick
16A Compressor relay (12(2)A EN60730-1 250VAC)

Pre-Programme Set-Up Overview

EASY COOL: Set-point; 3°C, Differential; 2°C, Defrost; Off Cycle, 20mins every 6 hours
EASY FREEZE: Set-point; -18°C, Differential; 2°C, Defrost; Electric, 25mins every 6 hours.
For forced air chillers, simply adjust EASY FREEZE set point to desired temperature.
Easy to set thanks to the limited number of parameters
Easy to install thanks to the probes included in the packaging
Easy to choose - just one model for all low temperature.
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