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Currys Essentials Dishwasher

Currys Essentials Dishwasher

currys essentials dishwasher CDW60W10.great condition , new facia. bargin
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    Keep your glassware, cutlery and crockery in sparkling condition by insisting on the dependable and diligent the Essentials CDW60W10 Full-size Dishwasher! This triple-A-rated dishwasher has the scope to cope with up to 12 place settings, and features fully adjustable racking that lets you customise it for your needs, and a useful 30-minute quick-wash cycle for when you need spotless clean tableware at a moment’s notice!
    The Essentials CDW60W10 offers six washing programmes in total, plus four temperature settings, allowing you complete control over your dish cleaning. Other features include overflow protection, a durable stainless steel interior and indicators for salt and rinse-aid.
    Wave goodbye to one of life’s dullest chores by choosing the affordable, reliable and heavy-duty Essentials CDW60W10 Full-size Dishwasher!
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