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Arcaboa VCL Range from....

Arcaboa VCL Range from....

An excellent curved hinged glass lid chest freezer from Arcaboa. Hinged lids give the advantage of a better seal around the frame which helps increase the efficiency and lowers energy consumption. Also it gives customers easy access to the whole cabinet once the lid is open. Customers are also significantly less likely to leave a hinged lid open compared to a sliding lid again lowering energy consumption and reducing icing up in the freezer. Attractive blue trim around the top of the unit and easily accessible controls and temperature display. Castors fitted as standard and the unit comes with a full set of baskets. The lid is counter balanced to make opening and closing simple and easy. Excellent for convenience stores and freezer centres.
  • Details

    Curved hinged lid
    Static cooling
    Temperature display
    Defrost drain
    Fan assisted condenser
    Bumper bars
    930mm 1140mm 660mm
    930mm 1440mm 660mm
    930mm 1850mm 660mm
    930mm 1950mm 760mm
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